About Melissa


Growing up in Forrest City, Arkansas in the late 70’s, Melissa developed her passion for cooking around the age of 5 years old spending a lot of time with her grandmother who taught her the fundamentals of cooking, baking, canning and gardening.

Her passion quickly blossomed and she spent large amounts of time cooking meals for her younger brother and relatives and felt early on that it was what she really wanted to do in life but did not know if she could really make it a career. Melissa attempted college in Arkansas after high school to study Business Administration minoring in Music, but would spent most of her spare time cooking in the dorm’s kitchenette to sell plates to the hungry students. She did not have to advertise it as people would follow their nose from two floors up to see what was being served! Melissa knew then that she had to pursue her true passion and left college and after some time, she eventually enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School in Pittsburgh PA.

She graduated at the top of her class and returned to the Memphis TN area to pursue her passion. Melissa started her  catering business unofficially, in 2007 with one client and has substantially grown from there simply by word of mouth. Melissa looks forward to expanding her business and sharing with people her passion for food and looks forward to inviting all to get to know her a little more through her passion – FOOD!